screen docang

Docang icons it’s firstmy icons, used in Blankon Lontara an Konde, full svg icons and feel free modify and share

How to Install

copy Docang.tar.gz in your ./icons/ or /usr/share/icons

tar zxvf Docang.tar.gz

==== V 0.9 =========
Fix symlink problem


i’m sorry…. last month, my hosting a problems, if you can’t download. one again,.. i’m sorry

Thanks for tray Docang Icons

for more info about BlankOn Linux, visit

any idea, questions, report problems… Welcome….. Comment Please… 😀

Download Docang Icons

Download Docang Icons (Miror)

19 responses to “Icons

  1. eeee….. ano……
    ini bisa digunakan buat winblowwwwws ndak????

    hi hi hi

  2. wow~~!!
    this is so cool!!!

  3. Couldnt download dude. Why not upload to rapidshare?

  4. @ ahmar : bisa pak, silahkan dicoba :p

    @polaris : thx

    @Hitesh : yes, links downloads, change to http://tikungan62.net/blankon/icon/Docang.tar.gz

    thx, try this icons

  5. thanks…

  6. Finally some decent icons! Thanks for sharing and great work.

  7. Thanx. I like this icons

  8. awesome excellent keep it up!!!!!!

  9. very cool ! thank !

  10. This is currently my favourite icons… keep up the excellent work!

  11. VERY NICE = Turkish meaning; ÇOK ŞIK or ÇOK HOŞ vs.

  12. koreksi dikit.

    tar zxvf Docang0.9.tar.gz

  13. balqmunk : makasih 🙂

  14. al parecer ya no se pueden descargar 😦

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